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Our Purpose

To design better communities.

Our Vision

- To pursue the best projects

- To attract the best people

- To disrupt the industry

- To implement integrated design

- To commit to sustainable design

- To commit to reconciliation

Our Values

LOCAL. Our head office is located in Regina, Saskatchewan.  We are invested in the success of our community, our province, and our home.  Whether we are working on a project across the country or just down the street, we always keep in mind the well-being of the community as a result of our work.

INTEGRITY. We are a firm that you can trust.  We believe in being honest and transparent in all of our work and communications.

QUALITY. As small business owners, our work is a direct reflection of us.  We strive to provide high-quality work within reasonable timelines.  We match the experience that we bring from larger firms to the passion and motivation of a smaller firm.

RELIABILITY. We say what we do and we do what we say.  We want you to know and understand our scope of work and our timeline so that there are no surprises.

High Fives
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